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Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is a natural ingredient particularly known in cosmetology as an excellent moisturizing agent.

Its high penetration, safety, and effectiveness, combined with its moisturizing, regenerative and soothing properties, make it particularly important for systematic, daily skin care.

On this valuable foundation, combining a wide range of powerful ingredients, each formula of Panthenol Extra is carefully developed for targeted action and true results.

The goal is the continuous development of effective formulas using new innovative ingredients to support healthy, beautiful, even better skin.

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Perfectly clean skin

What it takes to have truly clean skin? Just the right product for your skin type and a bit of commitment. Make sure you wash your face daily using a product that keeps away oiliness, impurities and make up residue without causing dryness or irritations. Let your skin breathe and it will be ready to fully appreciate the rest of your skincare routine.



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