Herbal sore throat lozenges

Relieve sore, scratchy, painful throat
Help relieve sinus and nasal congestion
Six flavors

Brust: a unique combination of 15 Herbs and oils, Menthol and Vitamin C. With Stevia and no added sugar.

Bimenthol Mint – Eucalyptus: the distinctive flavor of Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils in a delicious sugar free combination.

Eukalyptus Grune Minze Eucalyptus – Spearmint: sugar free, with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Spearmint for intense fresh flavor.

Salbei Zitronenmelisse Sage – Melissa: a delicious combination of Sage and Melissa with the pleasant lemon flavor of Melissa. With Vitamin C and no added sugar.

Salbei Sage – Honey: a combination of Sage with Forest Honey filling. Aromatic drops with natural flavor and Vitamin C.

Japanesche Minze Japanese Mint: intense authentic taste filled with Japanese mint oil. A velvety texture that melts in the mouth.